CMADS heads

       Dr. Hao Wang, born in August 1953 in Beijing, is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, an engineer at professorial level, Ph.D. supervisor in China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) and has been privileged to enjoy the Special Allowance from the State Council of P. R. China since 1994. He is now Director of State Key Laboratory of Simulation and Regulation of Water Cycles in River Basin and Honorary Director of Department of Water Resources, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) and Director of Key Laboratory of Sustainable Development of Water Environment for East Asia (WEEA), and Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, China University of Geosciences and so on. He also serves concurrently as Secretary-General of Global Water Partnership-China (GWP-China), a member of National Environmental Advisory Committee, a member of the Science & Technology Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), a member of the Science & Technology Committee of National Forestry Administration, Deputy Director of the Research Society of Technological  Innovation Methods, Deputy Director of China Society of Natural Resources, Managing Director of China Society of Sustainable Development and Director of the Sub-Committee on Water Issues, Executive Director of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES) and Deputy Director of its Committee on Hydrology, Executive Director of China Society of Forestry,Director of Special Task Force on Water Issues-Chinese Society for Sustainable Development (CSSD).

CMADS heads

      Dr. Xianyong Meng, born in December 1987 in Yinchuan, He is now Research Center of Water Environment and Sustainable Development for East Asia (WEEA), and Postdoctoral Research Fellow of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR). Who has long been engaged in the study of hydrological model improvement, 3S integration, atmosphere driven field fusion assimilation, land surface model simulation, parameterization scheme, water resources pollution and non-point source pollution simulation and remediation. Dr.Xianyong Meng has established CMADS (Spatial resolution: 0.33 degrees, 0.25 degrees, 0.125 degrees, and 0.0625 degrees). Time resolution: Daily), CMADS data assimilating nearly 40000 regional stations station precipitation data, 2747 station automatic station in China,which can provide accurate meteorological data for a variety of hydrological model, the data set has been widely used in China. Who built the double distributed snowmelt runoff model forced by WRF in Xinjiang establish a numerical prediction of snowmelt meltwater simulation platform for the northern slope of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang,China, Which has reduced hundreds of millions of dollars economic loss for Xinjiang people's depending on the snowmelt flood warning system. Who also improved SWAT model of snowmelt snowmelt module into energy balance method.Who also assimilation and construction a 1 km high precision atmospheric forcing field in Xinjiang area(XJLDAS), and also participate in CLDAS2.0 construction for China Meteorological administration. In recent years,who has been hosted or participated in six national science and technology support program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Who also has been published 45 academic papers.He has won many awards for scientific and technological progress reward by the China government and the China Society of water conservancy.

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Director:  Dr. Xianyong Meng

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