SWAT+ has been officially released by SWAT group, and CMADS data format is compatible with SWAT+

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SWAT+ has been officially released by SWAT group in year 2018, and CMADS data format is compatible with SWAT+


Over the past 20 years, the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) has become widely used across the globe. The large numbers of applications across the globe have also revealed limitations and identified model development needs. Numerous additions and modifications of the model and its individual components have made the code increasingly difficult to manage and maintain. In order to face present and future challenges in water resources modeling SWAT code has undergone major modifications over the past few years, resulting in SWAT+, a completely revised version of the model.

Even though the basic algorithms used to calculate the processes in the model have not changed, the structure and organization of both the code (object based) and the input files (relational based) have undergone considerable modification. This is expected to facilitate model maintenance, future code modifications, and foster collaboration with other researchers to integrate new science into SWAT modules. SWAT+ provides a more flexible spatial representation of interactions and processes within a watershed.

Should you use SWAT+ or SWAT 2012? The SWAT+ model is ready for use, however the interface is not fully complete and you will need to manually edit some of the input files yourself. We hope to have the interface mostly completed by mid-2019.

Install the Interfaces

Use the default install location for the software listed below.

This will add data and programs to C:\SWAT\SWATPlus.

  1. QSWAT+ — a QGIS interface for SWAT+

    1. Install QGIS 2.18

    2. Install QSWAT+

  2. SWAT+ Database— installer for global wgn, ssurgo and statsgo soils, and other SWAT+ datasets

  3. SWAT+ Editor — interface for editing SWAT+ inputs and running the model

Download the Model

SWAT+ Editor above is packaged with the command-line model executable linked below, so you do

not need to download this if using the editor.

  1. SWAT+ rev. 55 executables

Help and Documentation

For more, see: https://swat.tamu.edu/software/plus/